Maildialog med Jan Pålsson

Första Mail

Morning Jan.
I've been working the last couple of weekends, and therefore been unable to take the test you wanted us to do.
So I just wanted to check back to you and make sure i can still do it this saturday. If you need me to do it sooner because of grading etc, that not a problem. Just let me know.
And also, I'm ready to present our project at any given time so again, let me know.
One more thing, I started translating the report we wrote but since that's no longer nessesary I thought I'd just give it to you. At the very least, it might just be a fun read.



Well, it seems you have got it all wrong. The exam was on May 13 and not come Saturday. Furthermore, all grades should be handed in by Wednesday. So I'm afraid it's too late now. What you can do is to do the exam in August and if you choose to do so, you may speak about your project work before the end of this term so you have done that bit.


Andra Mail

Okay Jan, that's very unfortunate because I have already applied to litterally a dozen universities and without the English C grade I won't get in to a single one.
It would also be a great shame if I didn't even recieve a report-card at the end of the year for lacking the points needed, all because of shortage of communication between you and me.

Not a hundred percent sure in what ways this will come to affect me, but we both agreed to continuing the course knowing that the grades wouldn't be neglected, so surely something can be done?
If there's absolutely no way to test me now or to push the deadline as an exception, then worst case scenario would be that you'd have to grade me knowing what you already know of my English skills.

I'll have a word with Gunilla of how this could be resolved or if it even needs to, and I'll return to you tomorrow. In the mean time, tell me what you think.
Thanks, Bye


Andra Svar

First of all, the shortage of communication is due to you not listening. I said the 13th. As you didn't attened the course it was your responsibility to take all contacts, acquire all information necessary. Secondly, I don't think English C is a criteria for foreign universities. You can check that with Gunilla. If it is, the you ought to have followed the course, knowing how important it was. Did you really think there would be a Saturday exam this week, in the middle of our holiday? Thirdly, if I were to grade you without a proper exam it would be a case of official misconduct. The only grad I could give would be an S, as I have no material to grade.

Nästa Mail

Thanks for the quick response Jan, and I have to say you actually sound a bit offended. Why?

It was never my intention to blame you for anything, but surely you can't say the responsibility is all mine when we have both agreed that the course is to proceed as usual. It might be the students responsibility to catch up on the info if they were sick or cut class, but our situation isn't nearly the same thing, and I'm pretty sure you didn't really think that all of your responsibilities as a teacher would just vanish because of me, not being able to attend class due to schedule mixups.

Apparently the few times I've spoken to you this term wasn't enough to fill me in on the important things, enough to know that you only have two exam-opportunities each term and that the tests aren't really Saturday-exams at all.
Not to mention (literally) the Cambridge Exam.
So the "not listening" you're accusing me of is quite unprofessional and frankly, you weren't speaking very loudly either, if you know what i mean. No offense.

As for the English C, it may or may not be a criteria for foreign universities, that is however besides the point. I didn't apply to any foreign universities, it's the points missing on my report card that bothers me. You need a minimum of 2700-points to graduate, and without an English C I don't. Also, you make it sound as if I had a choice in the matter of "following the course". Schedule mixup with Philosophy class, simple as that.

Unfortunately, I happen to have two teachers at home lecturing me on everything. Annoying, yes but educational. If you would kindly re-read the print called "Betygskriterier för Engelska C", and have a quick talk with your coworkers and/or superiors you'll quickly find out that exams aren't part of the grading-system, nor is presence. Although I can understand how you'd think that if that's how you've always done it. An exam is simply a tool for me showing you what I know, but then again so is this very letter.

So before you dial up the misconducts-office you might want to consider if this very dialog we've been having today doesn't already reflect my skills in many of the points listed on that print that is the only official guidelines for your course, sent out by the Swedish School Board. Ironically, the exam would have taken less time, but whatever you prefer.

Besides, that complete and utter "no-can-do" attitude isn't really helping anyone right now, I enjoyed your class but was unable to attend this last term, Let's not give each-other a hard time. If you're really refusing to work with me on this given situation then I can take my business elsewhere, and have it done within a couple of weeks. But it just seems so unnecessary for me to pay for the exam and for you to loose your credibility.

Still, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'll talk to Gunilla fist thing tomorrow and let you know whether I will be needing the grade now or not, and if not then I guess all we need to do now is the presentation, until August. Now if you'll excuse me I have some more studying to attend to.

Good Evening.


Senaste svar

I suggest you contact Komvux and ask if they can do the exam. If that is not possible, you are welcome to do it in August. As you do not attend a course that is the only alternative.


Senaste mail

Kudos to you Jan, for that very thorough written mail, explaining your arguments and putting me in my place.

Thanks for your time, and that "only alternative" of yours. Unfortunately I have sought and sucessfully found some greener patches to move on to.
In other words, I have found myself a teacher that actually cares for his students and so there is no longer any issue.

Over and Out.